Types of Wallcoverings

Wallpaper is an old-age term given to materials that are more typically included in the category of wallcoverings.  Very few modern wallpapers are actually made of paper anymore.  Today's wallcoverings are made of vinyl, fabric, grasscloth, metallic foil, cork, plastic, cardboard, 3D tiles, shells, embossed materials, and many more! We have even done custom wallcoverings made out of sheets of metal! How cool! (see picture on the right).

With that said, please do not limit your choice to only wallpaper, we suggest you start thinking outside the "paper"!

Why Wallpaper?

Wallpaper, or wallcoverings (as now they are made of not only paper but of various kinds of materials) have been around since the 1500's. Since ancient times in Europe, people have used different forms to decorate their homes, from simple drawings on walls, to pictures and murals.  The reason why people usually decorate rooms with wallcoverings is to decorate their houses or office environments so that it makes them feel comfortable, or, in some cases, to hide the appearance of flawed walls in old houses.  Also remember that a house with wallpaper increases its value!